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Top 5 Websites For Printable Coupons

Submitted by strandslucia on Fri, 09/10/2010 - 17:44
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Cheap, thrifty, frugal….call it what you want, but I will admit, I love coupons. Whether its 50 cents off or 50 percent off, every little penny counts in my book. That’s why I was excited to learn that September is National Coupon Month!

What is Coupon Month you ask? The Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) launched it in 1998 as a campaign aimed at increasing coupon usage and heightening awareness. Its been going strong now for 13 years and if you visit the official website, you’ll find information about the history of coupons, interesting coupon facts and great savings tips. Here’s a little fun fact we learned: Did you know the first coupon was started in1886? A pharmacist from Atlanta, who created the recipe for the syrup used to make Coca-Cola, distributed free drink cards to people on the street encouraging them to try the new drink at a specific pharmacy.

In celebration of National Coupon Month we decided to put together a list of our favorite coupon websites. We’ve previously talked about our favorite places to find the best deals online, so we decided to focus on websites that offer printable coupons. These websites allow you to browse their database of coupons, check the coupons you want and print them all at once. You can then redeem them at the register, as you would with any normal coupon. So get your scissors out, here is our top 5 list of websites with printable coupons.

Tip: Before you start clipping, remember to make your shopping list first, then look for the coupons you need, to avoid unnecessary purchases!
This site is one of the largest digital coupon distribution networks. It offers printable coupons to help you save on your grocery bill. You can print the coupons or save them directly to your savings card (e.g. If you have a Safeway Club Card, you can load the coupons on your card without printing). The site also offers a mobile application so you can clip on the go!

If you get the Sunday paper, these coupons may look familiar. The site offers printable coupons for everyday items. Enter your zip code to get the best deals in your area.

Also available in the Sunday paper, RedPlum allows you to search through a variety of categories to find offers, expert advice, fun tips and recommendations that are relevant to you based on zip code. As you find great offers, you can print them out, save them for later or share them with family and friends.

P&G brandSAVER
This site provides coupons and samples for Procter & Gamble products, which include pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, personal care, and pet supplies. You need to create an account to access the coupons and samples. As with, you can easily add the coupons to your savings card so there is no clipping involved.

I’m a huge Target lover so I had to throw this one on the list. I do get their coupons in the mail, but I can never seem to find them when I need them, so I was excited to know that they are also available straight from the website.

Of course, don’t forget about the great deals offered by our partner If you’re a moneyStrands user you’ll find the deals right in your account under the “Just for Me” tab.

Do you have a favorite website you go to for your coupons? If you have any resources or tips to share, please do so in the comments. If you’re not a coupon clipper, what better time to start than Coupon Month! Happy clipping.

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