Why moneyStrands?

moneyStrands offers a rich set of Cash Flow Management tools to help you develop better financial habits. We incorporate many of the commonplace features one would expect from a modern online personal finance management solution such as the ability to automatically categorize transactions, analyze past spending, track bills, etc. However, moneyStrands goes beyond the basics by offering the following capabilities uniquely positioning it as a leader in the fast-growing category of online personal finance:

Award-winning user interface

moneyStrands has been recognized for having the best user experience as a recipient of the coveted Webby Award for Banking/Billing category.

Advanced Budgeting

Our approach to budgeting is markedly different. Many budgeting tools require you to fill out cumbersome forms that look like a spreadsheet, where you are expected to make rough guesses on what you will spend on individual items like pet grooming next month. Others offer solutions that are too simplistic and thus not useful. We have created a realistic spending plan without boring the you with minute details. Our budgeting wizard takes you through four easy steps to complete and generates a 12 month plan that can be fine-tuned for any month if need be. It allows you to focus on the right areas to cut back on and helps you determine the appropriate amount to budget based on how much you want to save. Thanks to moneyStrands, you can create a realistic, automatically trackable 12 month spending plan in minutes.

Bills calendar & tracking

Most PFM tools are great at telling you what has happened, but not so good at helping you focus on changing your future behavior. moneyStrands offers an efficient way to account for upcoming bills with an easy to understand, visual calendar view. You can see all upcoming, past due and unpaid bills color-coded as a list as well as on a weekly or monthly calendar view. moneyStrands also automatically reconciles the bills with your transaction entries and sends you timely reminders for approaching or unexpected bills.

Flexible Account Aggregation

moneyStrands offers you a choice between automatic and manual account aggregation. The automatic option allows you to enter your bank credentials to securely imports your transaction data from your bank's site on a daily basis. The manual option complements the automatic option by letting you manually key in new transactions or better yet, upload transaction data from files on their hard drive. The manual option is great for those who find that their financial institutions do not support automatic aggregation.

Tracking cash transactions

Cash spending is inevitable, be it for paying the cab driver, a merchant not accepting credit cards or when tipping wait staff. moneyStrands offers advanced cash tracking capabilities that make managing cash flow more convenient. ATM transactions are automatically tagged for further categorization. moneyStrands' free iPhone app reduces the burden of manual entry with a smart shortcuts menu, which auto populates recent cash transactions, most popular categories and most popular merchants to enable much faster entry of new cash transactions.


moneyStrands supports 44 of the world's most prevalent currencies including the Euro, British Pounds, Indian Rupee, Canadian and Australian Dollar. This is a crucial feature for those that have accounts denominated in a currency other than their local one, as well as for users with accounts in different countries.


From the beginning, moneyStrands user interface has been available in Spanish (in addition to the default English option) catering to the special needs of a large and growing Hispanic population.

Coupon recommendations

moneyStrands offers coupon recommendations that correlate with your individual spending patterns thanks to a unique partnership with one of the largest online coupon sites -- Savings.com. Coupons range from automatically deductible ones from popular name brand online merchants to those that are printable for 'in store' use.

iPhone App

moneyStrands comes with a free and functionally rich iPhone app that packs differentiating features such as advanced cash expense tracking and visual spending analysis with tap activated drill-down capability that let's you navigate all the way to the transaction details.

Licensing platform

A little known fact is that millions of online banking users already have access to personal finance management capabilities powered by the same robust technology platform behind moneyStrands. This has been possible through the licensing of our technology to major global banks such as BBVA of Spain and ING of Netherlands.