Simple and Fast Family Budgeting

When asked "where does the money go?" most families will quickly respond "for family necessities - mortgage, groceries, clothes, things for the kids. Nothing is wasted." Yet, if asked to produce their family budget, many can not come up with a list of expenses indicating just where the money is going. Is seems like additional not fun chore but it absolutely can bring big rewards to your family finances! moneyStrands simplifies family budgeting by automatically organizing all your financial accounts in one place and allowing you to clearly see where your family stands financially. It allows you to understand where the money goes, gives you more control over your spending and helps you to save.

Manage your entire family’s finances from one place

Bring all family accounts and expenses in one single place. Chart your financial goals and get a grip on the big picture - your family’s financial well-being. moneyStrands lets you track all your family finances online, so you can easily see how much you spend on kids toys or dining out, or check out your grocery bills. It automatically categorizes your daily expenses into helpful categories so you can quickly spot if you are burning through your money too quickly.

Control your family expenses

Learn how to better manage expenses with your current family income and save some money too. Practice zero deficit family budgeting. moneyStrands budgeting software will also send you time-sensitive alerts to help you avoid any financial surprises and protect your family credit rating.

Keep track of your credit report

Don’t forget to look at your and your spouse credit report. A strong and accurate credit report is one of your most important financial assets. Not only is it a clear picture of your indebtedness, it can reveal problems or discrepancies which could bar your access to better interest rates when you are applying for a mortgage or car loan.

Incorporate Your Goals

Family budgets that include established short or long term goals are always the most effective. moneyStrands allows you easily set up saving goals and monitors your saving progress. We recommend to start slowly with a fairly easily attainable goal and then "test' yourself with a more difficult (and rewarding) goal as you get more proficient at your budgeting process. Discussion is very important here so that everyone focuses on the same goal.

Get tips and help with family budgeting

Plan your finances and get family money saving tips for DINK’s, single parents, those with children and seniors, all from one place. Plus, get personalized financial product recommendations that suit your unique family needs.

What is moneyStrands?

moneyStrands is a FREE and easy-to-use personal financial assistant for busy people who want more control over their financial lives. It automatically gathers data for all the financial accounts you want to track, including savings, checking, and credit cards, to give you an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of your finances. moneyStrands goes beyond providing financial analysis tools by also providing personalized money-saving advice and recommendations, and lets you compare yourself with people who share your background and financial goals. In addition to automated bank feeds, moneyStrands recently added the capability to manually upload your transaction history files (and even to type them in one at a time) delivering the highest flexibility in handling your financial needs.