Personal Budget Spreadsheet

Track your daily expenses

Your budget is the heart of your personal finance life. The first step of creating budget spreadsheet should be starting an account with moneyStrands. moneyStrands tracks your spending daily and updates your budget accordingly.

Control your spending

moneyStrands provides over 20 spending and income categories each with its own sub-categories. This standard set up let’s you hone in on the discretionary spending items to control future expenses by cutting down where you best can. moneyStrands grants you unlimited budget alerts to track whether or not you are coming close to you spending limit by a set amount that you decide.

Find the ways to save

moneyStrands also provides you with best money saving tips and recommendations which are bias-free and tailored to your unique financial situation.

What is moneyStrands?

moneyStrands is a FREE and easy-to-use personal financial assistant for busy people who want more control over their financial lives. It automatically gathers data for all the financial accounts you want to track, including savings, checking, and credit cards, to give you an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of your finances. moneyStrands goes beyond providing financial analysis tools by also providing personalized money-saving advice and recommendations, and lets you compare yourself with people who share your background and financial goals. In addition to automated bank feeds, moneyStrands recently added the capability to manually upload your transaction history files (and even to type them in one at a time) delivering the highest flexibility in handling your financial needs.