Meet Monica

According to a recent Charles Schwab study, 45% of Gen Y respondents wished they had learned more about living within a budget and 40% said they did not feel prepared to save for the future. At moneyStrands, we want to change this. We believe in the importance of financial literacy and want to help our younger generation develop good financial habits and feel prepared for their futures.

Thats why we developed Monica. Monica is the official virtual spokesperson for moneyStrands. Her persona was created to exemplify what moneyStrands is all about - helping people make money management fun and easy! Through her story, Monica shows how a young professional like herself comes to use moneyStrands personal finance software and how its helped her take control of their financial life.

Age: 25

Current City: San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Marketing coordinator at moneyStrands

Why I use moneyStrands:
I LOVE living in San Francisco, however, soon after I moved here I learned that there is a price to pay for being in such a great town. Going out, paying rent, parking tickets and food all add up. I found myself needing to budget my money in order to pay my bills, while still being able to do the things I enjoy and make payments on my loan. My biggest worry is not being able to make it on my own and thats why I’m thankful I found moneyStrands.

How moneyStrands has helped me improve my financial life:
Being able to link all my financial accounts and see them in one place is extremely helpful. I can set up budget goals and moneyStrands automatically categorizes my spending so those budgets are updated automatically, without me having to spend time doing it. The best part is I can see these budget goals and my balances on the go via the iPhone app. Now I’m always aware of how much money I have, where I’m at with my budget and if I’m spending too much! My favorite feature of moneyStrands: The alert feature is key for me. I love being able to set up when I want to receive my alerts and having them come straight to my phone. It helps make money management effortless for me.

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