moneyStrands vs. Microsoft Money

Online money management vs. Desktop

We all live in an era where the Internet has become a necessity and web-based services and mobile applications have become a way of life. It makes sense that more people are gravitating to web-based services like moneyStrands and steering away from desktop applications like Microsoft Money.

For those accustom to Microsoft Money software, making the switch to an online service may seem a little challenging, however, while desktop software does have its advantages, online tools like moneyStrands can offer much more:

Easy and FREE

No downloads, data back ups, or updates are necessary. Since online software runs in browsers, moneyStrands is compatible with Mac OSX, Linux or Windows operating systems. Sign up for moneyStrands takes just a few minutes.

Always up-to-date

One of the nicest parts about using moneyStrands is the ability to link to your accounts so that data is automatically updated. This means you don’t have to manually import data and you get, accurate, up-to-date information daily, so you always know where you stand.

Accessible anytime from anywhere

moneyStrands is accessible anytime from any Internet enabled device so you can always access it anywhere you are. We even have an iPhone app to help you to keep an eye on your money on the go. moneyStrands also gives you the option to set up email alerts and reminders that warn you about things like low funds in your checking account, exceeding a set budget or missing a bill payment. This technology makes money management easier and convenient.

Safe and secure

Your security is our first priority. We use the same bank-level security as leading financial institutions. We monitor all your accounts 24/7 and alert you to any suspicious charges or unusual activity. Good online financial software stores data securely on the file servers and keeps your data up-to-date. Since its not stored on your own computer, you’ll never risk losing it and information is refreshed automatically.

moneyStrands helps to save

In addition to serving as a money management tool, moneyStrands offer personalized recommendations to our users. moneyStrands is powered by Strands’ recommendation technology. that allows us to analyze user behavior patterns and in turn, recommend content based on your likes. Helpful recommendations such as financial tips and new product offers are made on a separate tab within the tool so not to be intrusive of your finance overview.

Community sharing

The beauty of the Internet is that everyone can be connected online. Online money management tools can offer community sharing, meaning you can compare your financial data anonymously with people who share similar traits.

Import data from MS Money into moneyStrands

To do so, you first need to create a free moneyStrands account. Once registered, you can easily add a manual account and import your MS Money historic financial data via the QIF file. To transfer data use the Export Function of Microsoft Money.