Personal Budget Software

Knowing how to budget your money is one of the most essential financial skills you can possibly learn. Though at first, it might be difficult to set the limit for your spending, it’ll definitely change your financial future for better. moneyStrands personal budget software simplifies financial planning by automatically organizing all your financial accounts in one place and allowing you to clearly see where your money goes. It allows you to set up budget allowances for your monthly expenses and then sends you alerts to notify when you exceed your budget target for fewer financial surprises at the end of the month. Best of all moneyStrands is FREE!

Always know where you stand financially

Before you start creating a budget, you first have to see your expenses. moneyStrands lets you track all your money online, so you can easily see how much you spend on gas or dining out, check out your grocery bills. Our budget software automatically sorts your transactions into helpful expense categories so you can quickly spot if you're spending more than you should. It also shows you the current amount of debt on each of your credit cards, student and auto loans so you can identify and pay off the highest-interest debt first.

Set up budget goals

Second step of personal budget is to set up goals. Start with those that are regular bills each month, then add the amounts you spend on flexible expenses like food, fun, household items, gas, etc. moneyStrands gives you all information to create realistic and achievable goals and provides tools for easy budgeting.

Track your budget

And third, you have to track your spending to make sure you’re sticking to your budget goal. moneyStrands automatically keeps tabs on your budget plan by letting you know via email or SMS if you’re on track with your goals.

Find ways to save money

Not only moneyStrands is a free debt management service, it helps you to save money as well. Our intelligent recommendation engine finds the best deals for credit cards or saving accounts and recommends them to you based on your unique financial profile. Our financial expert-written money saving tips can help you save even more.

What is moneyStrands?

moneyStrands is a FREE and easy-to-use personal financial assistant for busy people who want more control over their financial lives. It automatically gathers data for all the financial accounts you want to track, including savings, checking, and credit cards, to give you an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of your finances. moneyStrands goes beyond providing financial analysis tools by also providing personalized money-saving advice and recommendations, and lets you compare yourself with people who share your background and financial goals. In addition to automated bank feeds, moneyStrands recently added the capability to manually upload your transaction history files (and even to type them in one at a time) delivering the highest flexibility in handling your financial needs.