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The New and Improved moneyStrands Has Arrived

Submitted by strandslucia on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 16:53
Status Updates //

We are making changes to our automatic account aggregation capability. As a result, beginning March 19th we will be pausing all automatic account aggregation for an extended period of time. During this time, only manual account aggregation will be supported on moneyStrands. For more information click here .

Today we are excited to unveil the new moneyStrands. As most of you know we’ve been working on this for the past year and we think you’ll find that it was worth the wait.

To highlight all the new changes, we’ve put together a short moneyStrands Tour video. If you prefer to read about our new changes, scroll down the page for all the details.

The first thing you may have noticed from our new homepage is that we’ve incorporated paid subscription plans for the service. I’m sure many of you are wondering why we would begin charging for a service that used to be free so I want to briefly explain.

As some of you may know there have been a handful of Personal Finance Management services that have shut down in the past couple years. To ensure that our business is viable and sustainable in the long-term, we decided to enhance the product by offering more advanced features and charging a nominal fee for access to these features. Though we are charging for premium features, we are still offering a free version of our product, which retains the core basic functionality of moneyStrands. Please visit our FAQ section for additional information.

So what do you get in the new moneyStrands? Here’s the run down of the major changes we’ve made:

New layout and design
We’ve got a fresh new look and more simplified layout. We reduced the number of tabs and added sub-tabs in the top navigation structure to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Bills Calendar and alerts
The new bills calendar feature enables you to see all your reoccurring bills on a monthly or weekly calendar view. Bills are color-coded by their payment status and as you make payments, we’ll automatically reconcile them for you. You can also set up alerts for upcoming bills and large bills. View the Bills Calendar tutorial.

Budgeting Wizard
Our new Budgeting Wizard takes you through a four step process to help you select the best spending categories to budget for, and the appropriate amount to budget, based on your desired monthly target savings rate. View the budgeting tutorial.

Analysis Page
The new analysis page displays the same color-coded pie chart with drill down capabilities, but now all corresponding transactions are listed on the page. You can edit transaction categories in bulk directly from the page or click over to the Cashflow tab to make additional edits. You can also see your spending broken down by merchant.

Note- The analysis page is now located within the Details section. Click on the Pie Chart icon to access your analysis.

Settings Panel
We’ve revised the settings panel so that it is now a hub for several items including configuring your alerts, managing your Accounts (i.e. deleting, renaming, importing files, etc.), setting your preferences and completing your profile information. The settings panel link remains in the upper right corner of your moneyStrands profile.

Ability to hide accounts
For those of you with Business Accounts, Joint Account, Children’s accounts, etc, you can now hide these accounts by visiting the Account Settings panel.

Are you ready to experience the new moneyStrands? Login today to test out all our great new features!

We are committed to providing you with the best PFM solution out there and we want to know your thoughts. Please feel free to share your feedback about our newly designed service at

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Good news!
How will we know if we are being charged? I like using this to download all of my accounts and see the balances in one place. However, I do have a financial software I can do the same thing with so I want to keep the free service. I understand you are a business so you must charge for something to stay in business. Cheers
@trish942 We won't charge you unless you upgrade your account and complete your billing information. If you've done that, but you want to revert back to the free version, you can log in to your account and change your plan option from the settings panel. Simply go to billing information, click on 'view plan options' and select the free version. If you have any problems, email us at
I have emailled support a number of times because my account is not updating and I have lost all account history older than six months even though I have upgraded to a Premium plan well before my existing user trial period expired. What is going on moneyStrands?
Hi Meredith- Can you send me an email at I'm happy to look into this.
Can we at least get a ballpark on when the automatic account aggregation will be available again? That is a huge part of the convenience of this site and the FAQ simply states "At this time we are not able to disclose a restoration date". Are we talking days, weeks, months??
Think I found my own answer on Twitter. Looks like this is going to be months before its fixed. Hate to hear b/c this was a better product than most of the competitors but that's too long to be without an integral part of the application.
Yes, come on moneystrands, I've emailed and asked your twitter account and I'm getting no reply. You're handling this very shoddily. When's the auto update going to be available? The site is useless to me without it.
I agree, all the new features listed here are useless without the auto updates. The FAQs suggest creating new manual accounts. If I do that, I might as well go to the competition.
agree re manual accounts. Just put a figure in the 'attention' pop up to say 'won't be back until June..." or something ... then we know wether it is worth sticking around and creating a manual account for a couple of months, cos I have held off as I know as soon as I did it the auto would come back again the next day. If you want people to pay for a service you have to provide information. I realise this takes time but you have a blog and you have a log in screen... just put something there. Rather than each invididual person emailing you and getting grumpy about no reply mass media is your key... just do something otherwise you won't have a business at all. the auto updates will be fabulous but you won't have any clients to use it.
I'd like more information about why you have stopped automatic updating. The new software doesn't appear to have been tremendously effective. I presume that behind the scenes there must be either some security concern of yours, or possibly problems with some of the banks providing feeds??? I'm based in the UK - and there are so few options in this space that work. I thought that Moneystrands was going to provide the solution. I really hope that you manage to make it work again.
Had no previous experience to talk about the features, but I'm afraid this was a poor choice of colors. This green It's too bright! I can't work at the website for too long without hurting my eyes. Recommend using a softer shade of green!! You guys can do better than this.
Is moneystrands dead? There hasn't been any update since this January post!
Are you guy's still in business? Accounts haven't updated in 4 months, manual updates don't work, no form or phone number to call, and no response to facebook posts or messages. It looks like you've gone out of business but didn't shut the front door. I'm guessing nobody is keeping up with security protocols either. Should I remove my accounts for security?
Please tell us what's happening...
agreed... very poor customer service. i've also received no response on any of my inquiries. it's really too bad, because i did like your product better than others i have tried. very disappointed...
I have to assume Money Stands is dead. My question is has anyone found another site for money management that works as well as this one did or one that can be tolerated?
Can't find any info that Moneystrands is still vialble or active. Delete your accounts before any nefarious people can access your info. Security protocols or not.

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