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moneyStrands iPhone app adds visual spending analysis right in your palm.

Submitted by atakan on Mon, 05/11/2009 - 06:53
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We have just launched a cool new version of the moneyStrands iPhone app with significant improvements over the first one. Below are some of our latest and greatest additions.

moneyStrands iPhone App

  • First off we have implemented an application specific passcode for your added security. Once you enable the passcode from the Settings screen you can pick a 4 digit number. With a passcode there is the added convenience of not having to enter your full username and password each time you access the app as long as you do not explicitly logout.
  • You will immediately notice that we have added a really slick Analysis screen that presents you with a pie chart that breaks down your spending for the current month by category. The cool part begins when you tap any slice of the pie. This action displays the amount spent along with the category name. Upon release, the pie chart digs further into that particular category and shows you the sub-categories. For example, the category of Food & Dining is broken down into Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee Shops etc. This drill down effect can be carried all the way to see the actual transactions that make up the given sub-category. If you need to change the category or assign a tag for any transaction you can do so and the analysis results will reflect the change almost immediately.
  • Now you can see the total balance of your accounts in addition to the individual account balances and if you click on the total balance you can display all your transactions arranged in reverse chronological order without having to navigate account by account. This tells you in a single view exactly what has been happening recently across all your accounts right in your palm.

Be sure to check it on iTunes and upgrade yours if you’re still using v1.0!

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When will this app launh in Singapore?
please make this available in the UK!!!!
when will this be available in portugal??
Does this app work offline?
No, you must have a 3g or wireless connection to use the app.

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