moneyStrands testimonials

We always love hearing feedback from our users....especially when its good! Here are just some of the quotes we've received from our users all over the world. If you have any feedback you'd like to share, feel free to contact us at feedback@moneyStrands.com

“As a long time Quicken user who has recently signed up with MoneyStrands, I have to say "well done" on a fantastic product. Having the application on the web is so important to me as I am always onthe move and the ability to manually add accounts and data is also vital, so I can now get a complete picture of my finances and expenses.I would also add that as an American living in London, the ability to track accounts in multiple currencies is important to me. MoneyStrands ‘ticks that box’ too.”
-Will Nicholas

“I have to say, since using MoneyStrands I'm finally looking after my bank account and not continuously abusing it. Fantastic.”
-Richard Pickul

"I'm from the UK and I'm amazed. I've been looking for a good financial software because we can't use MINT. There are many out there, but this is INCREDIBLE. If I died now I'd die happy. Keep it up!!!!! I cannot stress how user friendly this site is!!!"
-Nigel Stafford

“Moneystrands has been a tremendous help to keep my finances on track. School has taken up about 98% of my brain and with Moneystrands that extra 2% doesn't have to be taken up by financial worries. "Where does my money go" is my favorite feature offered by Moneystrands. It has helped me reevaluate where I spend the majority of my money. My coffee and food budget has been cut by 75%. Just having the visualization of my spending has helped me save so much. Thank you moneystrands.”
-Kristen Luongo

"I'd like to reiterate how much I appreciate the work ya'll do to provide this excellent service to your users. The newest changes were more than I could ask for...the details widget is 100% better. Keep up the good work.”
-Luke Brown

"Moneystrands is a very efficient way to know how to spend your money and know if your staying within your budget. I like the fact that you can get alerts on your phone because it helps me notice when I need to pay attention to my account right then instead of waiting to get home to check my email."
-Jenna Boren