moneyStrands runs on a proprietary software platform named Strands Personal Finance Management (Strands PFM). Strands PFM is powering the online banking sites of top global financial institutions.

If you are a financial institution interested in licensing a PFM solution, you have come to the right place. Strands PFM is highly customizable and scalable, making it an ideal solution for millions of your online users looking for a more engaging banking experience. Through Strands PFM, your customers will better manage their money allowing your bank or credit union to deepen your relationship with them while gaining valuable insights into their financial challenges.

To date, some of the World's largest financial institutions have chosen to offer Strands' next-generation PFM solution to their customers. In Spain, BBVA launched its highly recognized Tu Cuentas program; and in the Netherlands, ING launched the TIM program for its online audience. In 2011, Bank of Montreal has joined the Strands Personal Finance roster with its MoneyLogic PFM tool.

Why Strands PFM?

  • Increased Customer Retention - Rejuvenate your existing customer relationships by offering a comprehensive, visually appealing and easy-to-use money management tool that few other financial sites can match. You will find out that PFM users, having set up their accounts, budgets and goals within your site, will have less incentives to defect to a competitor thus positively impacting your brand loyalty.

  • Cross-selling Opportunities - Your customers will start spending more time on your site due to our functionally rich, interactive PFM application aided with timely event notifications bringing in repeat visits. This will provide a very fitting context to present those visitors with relevant product offers helping you to increase your ultimate share of wallet.

  • Full Customization - With Strands PFM installed on your secure banking infrastructure, our seasoned implementation team will customize the user interface, the business logic and the persistent data components to meet all your user experience and system integration needs.

  • Highly Scalable Architecture- With multiple implementations for very large FIs under our belt, you will find in us a partner that knows how to achieve the levels of scalability imperative for your online banking operations.

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